Single use. Not for microwave or dishwasher

Made from aspen, birch and poplar.

The most exciting thing to happen to disposable cutlery since, well, ever.

These are not your typical plastic knives, forks or spoons. In fact, they’re not plastic at all. They’re wood, which makes them 100% compostable. Pop ‘em in the compost, or even the garbage, and in less than 49 days they will be gone for good, back to the soil from whence they came.

But before that happens, you’ll find Aspenware to be strong, light, smooth and taste-free. Bon appétit

Our knives can cut through rubberized plastic. Which is good if your brother-in-law is cooking

The Aspenware knife is probably the most remarkable of all the utensils. Not because it can slice through a ripe, juicy tomato, but because it can slice through a ripe, juicy tomato after having cut through a plastic storage bin.